Solar PV Solutions

Empowering a sustainable future with expert electrical and solar PV solutions.

"With over 20 years of experience in delivering exceptional electrical installations, EG Electrical has built a strong reputation for quality, professionalism, and reliability. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team of electricians has expertise in various sectors, enabling us to understand and meet client needs efficiently while adhering to tight schedules and deadlines.

We're excited to announce the expansion of our services to include Solar PV solutions, further empowering homeowners and businesses to harness the power of renewable energy. Our commitment to excellence remains unchanged as we leverage our experience and expertise in electrical installations to provide seamless, high-quality solar PV systems tailored to your specific requirements.

Please feel free to contact us with any projects or questions you may have. We're here to offer free consultations, estimates, and guidance as you embark on your journey toward a sustainable and energy-efficient future."

- Eamonn and the EG Electrical Team

Our Process


Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable solar experts to discuss your specific needs and preferences


Site Assessment

Arrange a complimentary on-site assessment with our skilled engineers to finalize equipment locations and address any queries



Schedule our experienced technicians to install your custom solar PV system, paving the way for green energy savings.

Solar PV Advantages

Significant savings on energy costs

Enhanced energy efficiency and home value

Contribute to a cleaner environment

Hassle-free and cost-effective installation

Protection against rising energy prices

Achieve self-sufficiency in power generation

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